Double digits

Today is my firstborns birthday.

I am one part sad and one part scared. I can’t believe she’s hit double. Digits. I let her stay out of school today because every birthday is special, however 10✨

It was a simple day. Starbucks. Nail shop (we never spend extra) shopping. Eating. Shopping. Eating. Mini photo shoot. Looked at some properties. Now we’re eating again 😂 so much for my clean eating. But it’s a celebration, RIGHT!

Friday Feels

It’s finally Friday buuut I don’t get too excited because it’ll be back to the grind before you know it. Let me not complain. I have zero to complain about..

I’m just thankful for a break from the fast paced world of work. And I have Monday off to celebrate my first borns 10th birthday!!!!!

✨10 already. Oh my word.

I hope that whoever reads this has an amazing day. Maybe try to go above and beyond today. Get that stack of “to do” things off your desk. Finish a small project you’ve been working on. Text, email or call and old friend just to check in and say hi! Have something different for lunch and/dinner. Try something new today, something you wouldn’t normally do.

Be grateful for the day. Thankful for your ability to do. Make the best of today.

It has been raining for daysssss and it’s a tad chilly and I’ve had numerous Debbie downer moments and words thrown at me this week HOWEVER. I’m not going to let that bring me down. POSITIVE. VIBES. ONLY.

Try it today. Spread the good vibes everywhere. 😉

2 hours left..

Until I get to clock out and go home to get my girls off the bus. I just ate some thanksgiving leftovers for lunch and just want to curl up and sleep.

Work is busy on Monday’s in Ortho, especially after a holiday…well, after any weekend (it doesn’t have to be a holiday).

I thought I’d start a blog to see how it goes and to release ALMOST EVERY. SINGLE. THING I am thinking throughout the day onto this little screen with a blinking cursor thingy.

I work very hard and get all my work done and then some. So don’t judge me. But in between patients, here I am. Talking to myself in my mind about what I’m going to do when I get off work. What the kids will eat for dinner. How long I should stay at the gym. Should I even go to the gym?

I hope you are having a great Monday and here’s to another workday.. almost over 🍵

Something in the Water

It’s been awhile since I’ve typed some thoughts. This one struck me just now. Pharrell is having a three day music festival called “Something in the Water” this weekend in Virginia Beach.

This is our first BIG music festival that I can think of.

I’ll be blogging all weekend here and on my Instagram page @vene.alize

Love Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. A consumer holiday. Whatever you want to call it. My guy and I had lunch with my daughters today and got them the heart shaped pizza from Pizza Hut. It came with jerseys brownies or a chocolate chip cookie. We got the brown one 😬

I got home to beautiful tulips from my long time friend, Mr. Big. And I ask my parents if they could watch the kids after music lessons so I could go eat with my guy. My mom instantly flys off the handle and says she is “coughing and stuff” so she isn’t going to do anything. Meaning she isn’t going to watch the kids. Why does she act like this? I am 31 years old. Practically single. And I do everything to take care of my children. And yet I get this treatment allllll the time. Today is supposed to be a day to show love and stuff like this happens and pisses me the fuck off. And I don’t cuss that much so forgive me but it just rolled off my thumbs.

Not to be a Debbie downer but.. I had to let that out. Happy Love days everyone! Hope your spreading love regardless of your situation ❤️

Vacay Essentials

When you go on vacation you need essentials right?

  • ID/Passport
  • Money
  • Bathing suits/bikinis
  • Sunblock
  • A couple outfits
  • A camera

I have a Cannon DSLR but. It’s so big that I don’t take it on vacay anymore. I mean, c’mon. These iPhones can shoot a music video and you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. Right?

I don’t vlog or anything like that But literally all day at work yesterday I was researching and comparing and contrasting drone cameras. I’ve always looked into Go pro action cams, buuuuut I need to find something I can use with my phone. After all the phone costs like.. a million dollas 😒 so after hovering over amazon and Best Buy and everything else I could find. I just let it be.


The girls had a father daughter dance last night so I utilized that two hours to go browse TJMaxx and low and behold. There it was. A drone. Camera. You gotta be shittin me right? How often do you think about something that hmmmmm you may or may not need and then it fall right in your lap?

like. What In the stars is going on here. So naturally. I starred at it for 28 minutes then purchased a purse and left. As soon as I got in my car I was like OHH MY GOSSSSH GO GET IT GIRL. So I went back and got it.

After playing with it till the wee hours of the morning. I gave up and went to sleep. But hunni let me tell you, I woke up and turned that sucka on and went outside and yeah. I need to READ the instructions so it doesn’t get stuck in a tree again. Moral or this rant..

if ya think about it long enough, it’s overthinking. And you’ll drive yourself crazy. Butttt at the same time if you believe’ll fall in your lap 🙂

Brittnebabe21 day challenge

So. I’ve been very active as far as eating healthy and going to the gym or doing workouts at home, runnin, yoga, etc. I have done the katyhearn challenge twice, the bielle benepe challenge, the booty doctor challenge and the brittnebabe challenge and they all have one thing in common.

You’ve got to be CONSISTENT.

The main thing I’ve learned is that what you put in your mouth to eat…determines a lot about your physical health. And of course working out/exercise of any type helps.

Just after two and a half weeks of eating cleaner.. my pudge is going dooown. I’m going to incorporate weight lifting and HIIT back into my life next week!!

Don’t let people at work or anyone around you tell you that you can’t do it. Remain consistent and when you feel like giving up, remember that your doing this for YOU and it’s alright to have an occasional snacky snacky or meal that isn’t super duper healthy. Go on withcho bad selves!

Throwback Thursday

Thorowback Thursday’s are so much fun. You get to dig through your camera roll and find old pictures of super lit nights with your girlfraaaans. Maybe not. I’m a mom of two but I still believe in having a night a month of dinner with your girlfriends (mainly my sisters).

Today I posted a throwback Thursday post with a picture of my girls and I, my sisters and I and my three friends (one a friend since Kinder and the other two newly found friends since we are in a wedding). Quick weekend trips to DC. Dinner. Brunch. It’s alllll good. And a good way to keep in touch and forget the routine of everyday life

They say not to dwell in the past because it’s behind you but OH MY GOODNESS. Finding pictures and remembering what went on that day/night/weekend is. AH.Mazing. took up like, 45 minutes of my work day so look. It’s 3:something already 🤣

Spring break

I’m taking it back to 2018. So lots of people ask HOW I was able to travel to Disney World and the Bahamas for spring break.

Well. At first my thoughts were, “I work just like the rest of you. Get your heads out of your asses”…then I just realized that people spend thousands of dollars for travel. And for this momma.. that won’t happen.

While I promised my family we would travel, even if within the United States..because there are lots of places we haven’t been. And TRAVEL doesn’t mean going somewhere tropical and blazing hot.

So. For spring break 2018, I was able to take my girls and I to Disney world and to the Bahamas. While looking for plane tickets, I stumbled across Spirit Airlines. These prices were TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Too good. After doing research and research and research, I discovered that you can buy a round trip ticket for a little to nothing HOWEVER you had to abide by the airlines rules. Be sure to check out the baggage costs and anything additional you may be taking on your trip other than YOURSELF.

With a military family, we were able to get our Disney tickets with a little bit of a discount. Of course we booked out stay with AirBnB so we saved a fortune not staying on Disney’s grounds. We found an AirBnB that was Disney themed. Pretty cool. And I booked a cruise a little in advance so that I wouldn’t have to pay it all up front ( ain’t nobody got dollas fo that) so we were able to take a three day cruise (perfect for our one week vacay) to the Bahamas and when we got there, we had the pleasure of swimming with Dolphins at dolphin cay, Bahamas.

I hope this helps someone a little. I make (in my opinion minimum wage) but it is very possible to travel and find good deals that are legit.

2019’s been a while since I’ve blogged. And since I’m sitting at work with everything imaginable completed.. I thought I’d pop in and release the thoughts from my brain to this screen.

New Years Eve was amazing. I stepped outside the routine “watchcare service” at church and took my girls to Washington D.C. we visited several museums, my favorite the Hirshhorn museum and sculpture garden|Simthsonian. The art and sculptures were amazing. we ate at Crimson Diner several times and Vapianos. 😍yuuummmm.

It was god to see my daughters outside their normal realm of stuff.

My friend of six years also drove up to spend NYE and NYD with us. This made it a million times better. We are off to a good year. There are so many things I’d like to finally accomplish.

  • I am 31 years old. Semi single.
  • I’d like to purchase a home for my daughters and I
  • I’d reallly like to travel more and start a small business

So. Where I get stuck is the income portion. How do you travel and do things if you don’t make enough to keep up with daily life things?

I have pledged to myself to try to Dave Ramsey Cash envelope system.

Wish me luck !

Letting go

So I was seeing a young man and he got orders to o to California. I really like him and when he got the orders and told me he had to leave, I went through this state of chaos. I gained 10 pounds which isn’t noticeable to others but on the scale..I can see them.

He leaves in a week and I’ve finally decided to just let it go. As well as anything else that I cling onto that would do me a world of good to just. Let. Go.

I truly care for and love him but he is young, successful and without children. So he can go and roam, explore, live.

I’ve been happier since I’ve learned sometimes you just gotta let it go.. whatever it may be